West Virginia Legislative Auditor’s Office

Justin Robinson – Director

State Capitol Complex
Building 1, Room 329W
Charleston, West Virginia 25305

Phone: (304) 347-4880
Fax: (304) 347-4889
Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST)

The Legislative Post Audit Division is governed by Chapter 4, Article 2 of the West Virginia Code. The Division is responsible for performing the following duties:

  1. To conduct post audits of the revenues and expenditures of the spending units of the state government, at least once every two years, if practicable;
  2. To report any misapplication of state funds or erroneous, extravagant or unlawful expenditures by any spending unit; and,
  3. To ascertain facts and to make recommendations to the Legislature concerning post audit findings.

In accordance with Chapter 12, Article 4, Section 14 of the West Virginia Code the Division also performs audits or reviews at the direction of the Legislative Auditor of the disbursement of state grant funds to volunteer fire departments.

The Legislative Post Audit Division reports its findings and recommendations to the Legislative Post Audit Subcommittee of the Joint Committee on Government and Finance.

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